Student's Amletic doubt: Do I get it right or don't I get it right?


  • Stefano Babini Liceo Artistico Statale “Paolo Toschi”
  • Ivan Graziani Istituto Comprensivo di Santa Sofia – Scuola Secondaria di I grado “Galileo Galilei”


statistics, probability, verticality, data and uncertainty, analysis of errors


The aim of our research was to study and analyse the possible main reasons of errors in the answers of some INVALSI questions proposed to first and second cycle students on Data and Uncertainty items. Three questions taken from Invalsi tests of different years (2012-2017) were administered. We chose one question referred to Probability and two questions to Statistics.
In our research we analysed the errors and also their recurrence, by arguing the possible causes linking them in a vertical perspective. 
We observed a very diversified situation in the solving strategies and in the types of errors, both among the various school levels and among students in the same years but who attend different type of schools.


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