Happy verticality in mathematics


  • Stefano Babini


Verticality, fractions, transformations, probability.


"Happy verticality in mathematics"  stems from the need  to deploy  how much anticipated  in the vertical curriculum described in the National Indications for the curriculum of the school of the infancy and the 2012 education first cycle and pushing such verticality to the first two years of superior education and the relative Cultural Aces and Indications. We have thought about facing some particular conceptual knots that create difficulty in the students to all the scholastic levels, what the geometric transformations, isometric and not, the fractions and the theory of the probability.  Our principal purpose has been that to face such knots in different way and amusing, alternating to all the levels the mathematical rigorousness to the imagination and the game. We are looked for so to mostly make nice, but at the same time less loved by the greatest part of the students. For such motive, this experience has seen involved for before the school of the infancy, with the children of 4 and 5 years, and subsequently all the classes of the primary school, those of the secondary school of The degree and, finally, those of the first two years of the secondary one of II degree.



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