SNV and the quality of math teaching at high school


  • Panagiote Ligouras


With this paper, you will want to present an experience to get priority on improving math teaching/learning in your school. Starting from returning the results of the INVALSI tests to schools and analyzing the structure of each item, the composition of the entire trial dossier and their consistency with the National Guidelines and Guidelines have been attempted to identify the weaknesses of the school and the mathematics department. Subsequently, improvement actions were proposed and implemented to encourage pupils' learning and teacher teaching and to achieve positive results highlighted during the self-assessment and evaluation of the Institute. The experience involved all the school math teachers. The activities were carried out in a high School but can easily transfer to other types and grades of school.




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Ligouras, P. (2017). SNV and the quality of math teaching at high school. EDiMaST: Experiences of Teaching With Mathematics, Sciences and Technology, 2(3), 38. Retrieved from



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